If your restaurant is looking to increase revenue through food catering, Catersmith is your partner of choice. A catering logistics and service provider, Catersmith's team is made up of chefs and restauranteurs with more than 10 years of experience. We have personally experienced the operational pains and reaped the rewards of restaurant catering. We partner with respected restaurant like yours to bring better quality, premium catering to customers.


Why Cater?

  • Receive orders via email
  • Accept orders online

  • Prepare food on the event date
  • Pack food in disposable trays
  • Pack food trays in thermal boxes
  • Deliver to event venue

  • Set up catering line
  • ‘Tear down’ catering line


The Specifics

Partner Benefits

Hosting of your catering menus online
Online and offline marketing
Consolidated customer database
Expand your restaurant’s revenue with Catersmith.
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